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We teach American Sign Language

the Most Beautiful Language in the World!

Who We Are

Company Snapshot


In 2010, Theresa King held the first ASL tutoring and training session in Boston, MA. Just two years later, SIGNING Basics was born.


We are still in Massachusetts but further West.  You can find us all over the map rolling out new programs in: 
Springfield, MA 01109



Our virtual programs are provided by our contractors worldwide.

Our Core Values

Our purpose is to bridge our communities one sign and course at a time.

Founder Story

About 10 years ago I was approached by a busy foster care mom asking me to teach her ASL.  I was delighted to learn that she desired to communicate with the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children placed in her home. With a busy schedule, she was unable to attend formal classes and so she reach out for help.

Word about the personal touch, focused attention, clear explanation about ASL and the correct signing structure to use, spread quickly.  Soon I began tutoring and training businesses, and organizations all over the state and around the county!  It is amazing to meet so many people that want to communicate in the beautiful language of ASL, and I am committed to our mission to bridge our communities one sign and course at a time.

I certainly cannot do it alone!  To help with the growing demand for sign language tutoring and training, I hire the most friendly, fun and experienced tutors and trainers available. 

Meet the SIGNING Basics Team below.

Our Team of Contractors

Always Ready to Sign With YOU!

Tina Mare


Originally, I am from San Diego, California and I love learning and the beaches. I became an ASL tutor at Scottsdale Community College before moving to Massachusetts where I currently live. I am the Vice President of the ASL club, and the co-director for DEAFinitions a Deaf Studies Conference. I Mentor the SHOUTS program at Holyoke Community College, and I provide leadership to the Deaf Substance Abuse program, “Thank God We Sober”. Being an ASL Contractor with SIGNING Basics, I enjoy tutoring in ASL.


Hard of Hearing

Inspired by my deteriorating hearing, I began ASL classes. I fell in love with the language and went on to intern with SIGNING Basics in the summer of 2017.  At that time, our Facebook page had just a few hundred followers, so with dedication I increased our fan base by creating a Blog to share about Deaf Culture and current events happening in the Deaf Community.   I enjoy producing the ASL videos for our Facebook, Instagram and the SIGNING Basics website.



As a member of the Deaf Community and the Sign Language Instructors Pool, I taught sign language privately and in Adult Education programs. Passing Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) certification for ASL interpreting, I spent thirteen years working for the Connecticut Commission on the Deaf as well as five years teaching ASL on the college Level.



I am originally from St. Kitts in the West Indies and I am Deaf. I have experience working with deaf people from various countries who use gestures to communicate like I once did, or they speak a signed language from their origin country and not ASL. For them ASL would be a second language. I want to teach these people ASL because I cherish and love the deaf community.



I started teaching ASL as a volunteer when I Iived in Dominican Republic. I mostly taught Deaf people who never went to school or to their families to promote communication.  If someone is a beginner its exciting to see them start to express themselves in a visual language. If someone is advanced its exciting to help them overcome subtle nuances of language. And for everyone in the middle I enjoy helping them make progress. 



I am from Connecticut and have been teaching ASL for over 30 years now. I have taught ASL at various different levels ranging from infants to adults. I enjoy teaching ASL, as I am very passionate about the deaf community, and like to inspire others to learn and use ASL.



Social Media Development

I first learned about American Sign Language and Deaf culture my senior year of college and have been studying and signing ever since! I received my first Bachelor's of Arts in Linguistics, and am presently an online student pursuing a second Bachelor's in ASL/English interpretation with future career goals of becoming an interpreter. As a Marketing Representative for SIGNING Basics, LLC, I reach out to various organizations, offering them our wonderful ASL programs and updating our contact database.

Learn Sign Language With Us!

Some of our many Clients

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