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Temporary Sign Language Instructors

Have you found yourself in the frustrating and stressful position of being unable to find a qualified ASL teacher? If you answered, “YES!” we are here to help! SIGNING Basics offers temporary ASL Instructors to step in when you need ASL support the most. 

Get the help you need!

As the school year rolls around, you may discover hiring a full or part-time ASL teacher more daunting than you first thought. That’s because skilled sign language teachers and instructors are hard to find, and many schools and especially colleges snap up ASL teachers quickly. This leaves new sign language programs or if you are replacing a previous teacher, with the difficult challenge of finding someone before the academic year begins. Should you be facing a similar challenge or a new one, SIGNING Basics will step in with temporary ASL support until you hire a teacher.

How it works: 

As you are searching and interviewing prospective teachers for your Sign Language program, classes or even for a sign language club, a SIGNING Basics instructor will show up virtually and teach the class until you have hired the right person for the job. That means you can start your Sign Language class on time and your students will begin learning on the first day of school!

Temporary Instructor Package

Our temporary Sign Language support takes the stress off and leaves you with the time you need to effectively interview without feeling rushed to “get someone in there”. Below is a sample of the style of instructions included in our temporary service. Click on the links to view a sample.

Your ASL instructor

Lesson Plan


Video Representation


Contact us to discuss your temporary sign language needs. It is just that easy!

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