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A Guide to Services for Organizations, Corporations, and Small Businesses

“By guiding your organization with high-quality tutoring and training programs, 

we maximize the quality of life for the individuals you serve.”

Theresa A. King
SIGNING Basics, LLC - Director

What do successful companies know about marketing to people 

with hearing loss?

Delve into our trainings and discover the answers to successfully engage this market.

How to build powerful connections with people who have hearing loss

Discover the rules of engagement that will have you making positive connections every time.

  • How to Find and Land New Customers with Hearing Loss

  • Discover the technology that will give you the competitive edge by giving the greenlight for your customers to easily find you

  • Use simple do’s and don’ts strategies that will delight your customers when they recognize you understand how to engage them appropriately

  • Get the building blocks to create successful long term relationship with your customers and employees with hearing loss

Create a clear message that welcomes customers with hearing loss, a rewarding endower for any company that wants to gain a competitive edge and thrive in the marketplace.

Workplace Signs and Communication Tips for Supervisors and Managers of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Employees

Clear communication is the foundation of a successful workforce. Team unity is achieved when clear communication is present between a supervisor or manager and their team. However, there are times when a supervisor or manager will have a new hire who’s deaf or hard-of-hearing and experience difficulties when communicating.

American Sign Language Workshop: 25 Basic Signs that Anyone Can Do!

You’ve encountered a deaf person, now what? You can easily have a conversation with them after attending our workshop, 25 Basic Signs that Anyone Can Do!

American Sign Language Workshop: 50 Signs for Customer Service Representatives

Many business owners strive to provide an enjoyable environment and shopping experience for their deaf and hard-of-hearing customers. However, not many know where to start. Take a step in the right direction by providing your customer service representatives with sign language training from us.

Functional Signs for Human Services, Retail and Restaurant Staff

This is a basic class with industry-specific signs that are customized for your organization. Some basic expressive and receptive skills are taught as a means for identifying and imparting grammar when communicating in ASL. 

Deaf Culture Training

Deaf Culture Training and workshops build mutual respect and inclusiveness in our workplace and communities. We have created workshops aimed at teaching employers, staff, and employees “how to” skills that will effectively engage people who are Deaf.

Supporting Services


To meet our clients’ critical employment needs, we offer on-the-job training and support. We’ll provide on-site coaching and support for a specific job that a deaf or hard-of-hearing employee is hired for. 


Our sign language tutors play a vital role in supporting your staff and employees as they learn a new language. To assist in actively becoming involved in the learning process, our tutors are here to help.

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