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ASL Basics for Beginners

Our most popular Course! The ASL Basics course is for your patrons to learn the very basics of ASL. Patrons learn how to sign greetings, and basic phrases such as, “Hello, I name _____ I” to introduce self. In addition, we incorporate vocabulary building signs along with:

•The ASL Manual Alphabet.

•Days of the Week.

•Foods and Snacks signs.

•ASL Negations and Affirmations – When and how to use them.

•Basic ASL Sentence Structure that put together the signs your patrons learn during the class.

This course is taught in 4 - 45 minutes Zoom sessions, and allows up to 20 participants. Class taught in ASL. Sign language interpreting is not provided. There’s an additional fee for interpreted class.


  • Live experienced ASL Instructor

  • Handouts of all the signs learned during the class

  • Videos embedded in the handouts. These videos include an instructor signing the vocabulary learned during the live class. Awesome practice tool that you and your patrons can practice with again and again

  • A recurring Zoom link

  • Handy course announcement that you can revise.

  • Your course announcement featured on our Facebook page and Website.

  • One free space for your staff member

Total Course Fee:

Stand Alone Course is: $427 for up to 20 participants.

Pooled Course: $345 for up to 20 participants.

Ages 15 and up.

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