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Workplace Signs and Communication Tips 

for Supervisors and Managers of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Employees

Clear communication is the foundation of a successful workforce. Team unity is achieved when clear communication is present between a supervisor or manager and their team. So what can you do when a new hire joins your team that is deaf or hard-of-hearing and experience difficulties when communicating?

A sign language interpreter may not always be available on short notice.  Asking and receiving answers to simple signed questions doesn't take two hours which would be what you would have to reserve for a sign language interpreter.  Interpreters are best to reserve for team and staff meetings when longer dialogue and information sharing is done.  So the next best things is for you to learn workplace signs to help you get your meaning across.

Workplace Signs and Communication Tips course is designed specifically for you the, supervisor or manager. Our experienced instructors have all worked within various industries and will guide you in learning the appropriate signs related to your field. Now only will we teach timely communication tips to enrich the working relationship between you and your deaf employees, we teach you effective strategies for you to implement and bridge your whole team. These unity building methods will instill confidence in your deaf hires and encourages all around communication to those you are leading.

Total Workshop Fee: $345pp (Group Rate Available)

  • 8 Hours

  • Handouts Provided

  • Certificate of Training

  • Workshop for Less Than 10 People contact us for rate

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