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American Sign Language Workshop: 

25 Basic Signs that Anyone Can Do!

You’ve encountered a deaf person, now what? You can easily have a budding conversation with them after attending our workshop, 25 Basic Signs that Anyone Can Do!

This basic workshop will teach you 25 easy-to-remember signs, simple phrases, and the manual alphabet to fingerspell your name. Having an exciting chat with a person who is deaf or hard-of-hearing is just 25 signs away!

Some of the signs and phrases that you will learn are:

  • Hello/Good Bye

  • How are you

  • I Sign Slow

  • Please

  • Nice Meet

  • Thank You/You’re Welcome

  • Yes/No

1 Hour

Handout with embedded videos

This workshop 1 hour, and Minimum enrollment 10.  Less than 10 people contact us for rates.

This workshop is for beginners and taught in ASL.

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