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50 Signs for Customer Service Representatives

As a business owner you strive to provide an enjoyable environment and shopping experience for  all your customers Right?  I am convinced you do.  But what happens when your customer has hearing loss?  Do your customer service representatives know what to do? Do they freeze at a signing prospect or worse panic?

Honestly, this does not need to happen to your team - Ever!  By taking a proactive step learning basics retail based signs, you are heading in the right direction to delight your customers and win their loyalty!

To help your team get off in the right direction,  we’ll teach your team the top 50 frequently used signs and phrases for retail establishments. Some of the signs and phrases that the customer service representatives will learn are:

  • Hello, May I Help You?

  • Follow Me

  • Thank You

  • You’re Welcome

  • Please Come Again

  • Excuse Me

  • Yes/No

  • Where

  • Price/Cost

  • Money

  • Cash - Credit

  • And More

This class is for beginners and taught in ASL.

  • 2.0 Hours

  • Handouts Provided

  • Certificate of Training

  • Workshop for Less Than 10 People contact us for rates.

Total Workshop Fee: $69pp (Group Rate Available)

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