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Preparing Your Workplace for Inclusion 

When it comes to human resources, informed managers are excellent in staffing organizations with capable applicants. However, there are times when miscommunication happens between a deaf or hard-of-hearing applicant and the interviewer during the interview and hiring process. With roughly 60% of people with hearing loss in the workforce, mishaps are bound to happen.

Realistically speaking, it’s ultimately better to hire a consultant knowledgeable in accommodations to support your HR department. As consultants, we are knowledgeable about hearing loss and culture in the workforce.  Our consultants provide insight on hidden pitfalls that result in conflicts and teach real solutions for conflict resolution.  Training, and assistance with budgeting for reasonable accommodation will ensure that your company is compliant with employment laws and regulations related to deaf and hard-of-hearing employees.

We guide HR teams to navigate the accessibility mandate with clarity and understanding so that you can focus on the important issues - building a strong workforce. 

  • Orientation Videos

  • Workplace Signs and Communication Tips

  • Workshops and Classes

  • Technology Recommendations

  • Deaf Culture Training

  • On-the-Job Training and Support Services

  • Accommodations Recommendations and Solutions

  • Sign Language Tutoring Support

  • Training Specifically Designed for Administrators

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