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Van's Story

Van, a navigator for a human services organization shared her success story with us.

“I went to meet my client for a routine home visit. While there, my client asked his parent for an apple and he kept signing that he was hungry. The parent nor I at the time, couldn’t understand him, and as the request escalated, the client became increasingly frustrated until an angry outburst occurred.”

Van had begun taking ASL private tutoring, and she reported “I was once again at the same client’s home for another routine visit. The client began making the same signs as before, and I recognized what the client was signing. I then informed the parent that her son was hungry, and wanted an apple. Once the parent understood, the client was given an apple.” This led to a happy client and a peaceful home.


More Testimonials

“Theresa is a great teacher! she is very patient and understanding. She starts with instilling a great foundation and structure of ASL and expands off of that so you can continue to learn. she answers any questions you have helps you understand anything you don’t get. I recommend using her for your business to help get your employees a basic knowledge of ASL and also tutoring. I can’t say enough about her except she is amazing!!!!!! I also give her 10 stars!!!!”

– Paula Tingley


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My son Diego, 10-year-old, arrived from school one day excited and asked me to learn sign language. It seemed strange to me, but at the same time very human in that he was interested in learning signs to communicate with other children with special needs. I thank the teacher, Mrs. King, who gladly agreed to teach my son even without special needs for which he needed it. My child is ready to communicate with other children whose language is ASL. Very grateful for the service.

– Nitza Romas

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