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On-Site and Virtual Training Programs for Your Team

Learn ASL • Develop your team • Grow your business

Learn ASL From Experienced Tutors

SIGNING Basics provides virtual and in-person American Sign Language lessons and Tutoring. We can teach anyone, from curious individuals to corporate employees. We also have folks who already know how to sign but participate in our workshops to practice and/or meet new people and make friends!

“By guiding your organization with high-quality tutoring and training programs, we maximize your revenue, and the quality of life for the individuals you serve.”

Theresa A. King

ASL training for Supervisors, Managers and Essential Employees

Many companies welcome the opportunity to grow their business to unique markets.  Marketing to new customers and conducting business with consumers that have hearing loss is an opportunity to attract 2 million new consumers. However, without a thorough understand of what makes this unique market tick, can be challenging.  SIGNING Basics, Deaf and Hard of Hearing instructors have a wealth of experience and we will help you find the right strategy to successfully market to consumers with hearing loss. 


One of the best training programs to start with is ourDeaf Culture Training.  This program will provide an overview on Deaf Culture and teach:

• Do and Do not Do in Deaf Culture

• Signing Basics: Is our customized “American Sign Language” lesson plan that anyone can perform.

• Q&A where participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive targeted answers.

Educate your team on Deaf Culture Norms, Teach successful interaction  strategies, and how to successfully Market your products and services.

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