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What if you could tap into a new market Quickly and Easily to build powerful relationships with customers who have hearing loss?

It's all about creating a Clear Message and a Confident understanding of the cultural norms that inspire loyal buying from customers in this market.

And, it 's not what you think!

Our corporate-wide training

Here’s how it works: 

A SIGNING Basics trainer will come to your company and lead a tailored workshop for your team. During the workshop, everyone will learn a framework that can be used to form the message for all aspects of your business. You’ll then create that message as a team so that everyone leaves the workshop with a mutual vision for how to effectively serve and engage customers with hearing loss.

  • Train your teams to have the right mindset about individuals with hearing loss.

  • Understand the effective strategies to use and how to proactively engage them.

  • Learn about the various technologies that improve customer experience.

  • Sign Language Interpreters, how and when to use them.

Create visually appealing and informative pieces that clients and customers with hearing loss will easily understand and love you for it.

  • Establish clear and strategic plans for inclusion.
  • Communicate success strategies to implement corporate wide.
  • Win customers with hearing loss and help you plan for your continued success.
  • Additionally, you will learn how assistive devices and online video support tools provides you with instant access and cutting-edge technology that will give you an advantage against your competitors.

    When you proactively meet the true desires of your customers, your company will seize the opportunity to be effective in capitalizing this market.

    Ready to train your Managers, Supervisors and workforce for Colleagues with Hearing Loss?

    It can be down right daunting to educate a workforce about individuals with hearing loss. Especially with the ton of misinformation on the market, which in many cases is close to being obsolete or even just WRONG.  Many times, information is shared by well meaning people without hearing loss or has a person with a hearing loss they know, and therefore think they know what it really means to have a hearing loss.  Unfortunately, their assessment are not always accurate which can foster misconceptions which lead to confusion.

    With 75% of our trainers with hearing loss, we know what the real truth is, and what works in building unity within the workforce.  That’s why we create the best training programs that you can begin to implement immediately. A positive work environment for all concerned is just a training program away.

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