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“Customer Service Signs for Librarians”

A workshop to help you engage with patrons who have hearing loss

They will thank you for it!

We have heard time and again that Librarians love when someone musters the courage to ask a question, and have a back and forth conversation to make sure a connection to the right resources is made. With that in mind, SIGNING Basics has created a workshop specifically to achieve this goal with your Deaf and Hard of Hearing patrons. Our 2.25 hours "ASL Basics for Librarians" workshop will help you move forward in achieving your communication goals and feel the satisfaction that a real connection was made.

Class includes:

  • 3 – 45 minute Sessions.

  • Live experienced ASL Instructor.

  • Handouts of all the signs learned during the class.

  • Videos embedded in the handouts. These videos include an instructor signing the vocabulary learned during the live class. Awesome practice tool that you can use again and again.

In our lively sessions, you learn:
·How to greet a person in ASL

·How to ask if the person needs help

·The appropriate signs and grammar to ask different types of questions in ASL

·Numbers to answer questions about checking out books

·Interesting facts about Deaf Culture – “Did You Know?”

·How to ask for a library card or number

·How to tell where to find the restroom

Signs to Learn:

oBooks – Books borrow


oComputer – Computer room

oCirculation and Reference desk

oDue date, Return

oDays of the Week

And more!

Total Workshop Fee: Stand Alone Course - $639

Up to 15 Participants

Libraries are encouraged to seek other libraries to join this session.

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